Skincare Programs

Anti-Age Program

Four step treatment facial program. Helps to rejuvenate skin, improve elasticity, restructure and repair cellular damage, slow down aging and stimulate collagen fiber growth.


Four step treatment facial program. Protects against free radical damage, improves skin texture, brightness and elasticity. Stimulates collagen production. Provides deep moisture and nourishes the skin. Complete detoxification and oxygenation for skin.

Cellular Lift And Countour

Four step treatment facial program. Lifts and tones the skin. Provides shield against environmental aggressions. Improves elasticity, moisture and tightening of skin.

Crystal Peel

Can be applied before each of the above referenced treatment or separately. Exfoliates and evens the skin. Provides deep cleanse, clear and smooth complexion. Reduces appearance of wrinkles, erases brown spots and encourages cell renewal.

Skincare programs - $70.00